Friday, January 17, 2014

25 Things to do with Your Son Before He Turns 13
Just look at him – He’s officially taller than I am. His feet have been bigger than mine for years. He weighs more than I do. He has football and basketball practice before and after school. He has pep rallies. He has homework. Suddenly, his dad is much more interesting than I am. He has to shower daily and use deodorant. He has to wash his face so he doesn’t get zits. His dad’s phrases are constantly coming out of his mouth. Sportscenter is his favorite show. He doesn’t watch cartoons anymore; he doesn’t color anymore; he doesn’t play with toys anymore.
And right now as I’m writing this, I’m a mess.
I’m emotional about my son growing up too fast at the moment, but I must admit, I do love who he is growing up to be. I’m proud of him. I love his sweet spirit, his kind heart, how he tries so hard at school and at sports, how he is respectful of adults. Don’t get me wrong. He definitely has his faults that we need to work on. He still aggravates his brothers and fights with them on a daily basis. But, I know that God is shaping him into the man that He wants my son to be.
As I’m becoming more and more aware of how fast time is passing, I keep thinking of things that I can’t do anymore with my son, or things that I wish I would have done more of with my son, or things that I did with my son that I am so glad I did.
So, to moms of boys, here’s a list of 25 things to make sure you do a lot of with your son before he turns 13:
1.       Kiss him
2.       Hug him
3.       Pray for him every day
4.       Let him hear your praying for him
5.       Cuddle with him on the couch
6.       Teach him Bible stories
7.       Get in the floor and play with him
8.       Dress up and play pretend
9.       Make lots and lots of videos of him
10.   Take lots of pictures
11.   Turn on fun music and dance with him
12.   Take him to the zoo and enjoy his reaction to the animals
13.   Let him get dirty
14.   Let him try new things
15.   Introduce him to new foods
16.   Teach him to clean
17.   Encourage him to sing with you
18.   Sit next to him and color
19.   Listen to his stories
20.   Save the notes he writes to you
21.   Save some of his artwork from school – (I know this is a sentimental list, but there is no way you can save ALL of that crap.)
22.   Let him help you decorate the Christmas tree
23.   Make time for him to get to know his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents
24.   Hold him in your lap and read to him
25.   Make sure he knows that he is loved

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